Single. So what?

Being single might have the flavour of marmite - you either love it or loathe it.

National Singles Day on the 11th March brings attention to your single status. It is a day to reflect on your life, decide whether you are embracing singledom fully or taking stock and deciding whether you want to change your status.

We encourage you on this day, to highlight all the great things there are to being single, and for those who would like to change their single status, to reflect over how and when to do this.


I love my single status 

Great! Keep doing what you love doing. Don’t be fazed by ‘everyone else’ who keeps asking you when you are going to settle down. There is nothing wrong with being single. If anything, you are very much in the drivers seat in terms of doing what you love without compromise. Cultivate your network and nurture ties with friends and family, you will be absolutely fine.

Let the 11th March be the day you really go out and do something great for yourself! Let us know what you get up to and what makes being single great. Use twitter @UkSinglesDay and hashtags:



I loathe my single status

Great! The loathing is an indication that you need to change something. If you are not happy being single, you are likely to be feeling lonely and yearn to be a part of something ‘bigger’, a coupled unit or family.

You may have been single for what feels like a long time and many may feel there is no hope to find long term-love. If this is you, then you need to make a conscious decision to really want to - It’s similar to deciding to lose weight or quit smoking, it requires focus and effort, but you can do it!!

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About 11th March

The 11th March was picked for National Singles Day as the digits ’11’ represent singles, and if two singles get together, they would create a 3-dimensional unit ‘you, me & us’… giving us 1103 or 11/03 or 11th March   🙂

#NationalSinglesDay is sponsored by The DIPN and TheUKDatingFair