Our Approach

We want to celebrate and highlight that being single is not a bad thing, but also recognise that some people don't want to be single and want to provide a platform for those who want to find love.

#NationalSinglesDay is sponsored by The DIPN and The UK Dating Fair

Our Story

It started out with a conversation between dating coaches and matchmakers at a DIPN (Dating Industry Professionals Network) meeting. We discussed the merits of 'singledom' and the stigma that sometimes is surrounded by being single. Many of our clients are fed up with dating and 'just want to find someone' - and that is what we do, help people find good long-term relationships. Conversely not everyone is unhappy with being single and we wanted to celebrate this also. The feeling is that while, there are many singles out there struggling and we can help, we decided to highlight the fact that things can be done about this, while at the same time recognising that being single can be great too. National Singles Day was born.