Because everyone is single sometimes

By Dating App Clik’d

It is Uk’s National Singles Day and you’re not likely to have seen anything about it trending on your Twitter feed. It left us asking the question, why celebrating a love of someone else gets so much more light than celebrating a love of yourself? The day originated in China where an emphasis is placed on the pride that should be associated with being single. It’s even an official festival, there. They clearly know what they are doing.

It’s 2019 and with almost 45% of Londoners being single, it is notthe same as being alone. This bright Monday in March we want to celebrate those whose sole obligation is to themselves. Self care, fitness, mindfulness have exploded in recent years. With apps for everything and anything at the swipe of a thumbprint, betterness has finally become the accessible and broadly booming industry it should be.

Putting yourself first is the only way to be, not just as a passing trend but a lifestyle choice. So whether you’re swiping, dating, sexing or just riding solo for a while, this is the day to celebrate doing what suits you best. Wack on your best clothes, take your friends out, or call in a sickie to slumber in your comfies! (Well maybe not the latter… we take no responsibility for you getting sacked). The day is about doing what you want to do – obligated to no one and nothing.

We want to celebrate this, not as an antidote to the fourteenth of February, and certainly notin spite of romance but as a celebration of a point we all reach sometimes, whether single by choice at fifty-three or unhappily divorced at twenty-three; whether due to a lifetime of prioritizing work or through a crazy summer of travel and (mis)adventure.

And so we’ve put together some suggestions of stuff to do for you,because some things you might just not have time for, when you’re leasing a life with someone else. But we don’t want you to take this too literally as no one can tell you the ways to your own heart, more than yourself!

Timely Travel

Weekend-breaking by yourself. Do it! Everyone talks about it because it’s truly enlightening. Forget holidays of compromises, and of early morning wake ups. Wack your alarm on snooze mode till midday. No need to go to the Irish Pub to watch the football with your sports loving partner when you want to be seeing the sights or seeing the sights if you want to be down at the Irish Pub watching the football. Discover. Make connections. Meet people. Or don’t. Have a fling with the man you met buying fruit at the market. Or match a local on a dating app who can show you around. Romance isn’t dead because you’re single. Romance is alive because you’re single. And what better place to experience it than abroad.

Pucker up

Dress your best for yourself. Buy yourself a new wardrobe collection that make you POP. Go to the Spa that keep posting leaflets through your door. Get your hair done. Get your beard professionally trimmed. Get some new underwear. Go for a session at the gym. Have a bath with scented candles and position your laptop on a chair by the sink and stream your favourite Netflix show. Watch everything you want to. Watch it while you have the time, before you fall for someone who doesn’t want to watch back-to-back Friends episodes for another night running. Read! Get lost in a book while there’s less things to distract you. Books are still a thing and there’s some really good ones out. A few on the various pleasures of being single, actually – take a look.


Those dreams you’ve always had. Those plans, you’ve planned to plan. Do them. Do them in the most productive hours of your day. Whether that’s first thing, when you wake up or at two a on Friday evening, slightly drunk and inspired. Do it before you get distracted. Do it before there’s someone in bed next to you saying they can’t sleep because your laptop screen is glaring in their face and they’ve got work in the morning. Compromise isn’t always a bad thing but right now you don’t have to compromise. Listen to yourself.

Happy UK National Singles Day from all the Team at London Dating App CLiKD!

Because everyone is single, sometimes.

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